X2 Elite Series™ Nokona Palm Saver


X2 Elite Series™ Nokona Palm Saver



Designed by Nokona as an additional padding source for the palm area of your glove. Great for catchers.

Available in Left and Right. One Size Fits Most.




4 Star Review
Nokona Palm Saver ( Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2016)

My daughter plays high school softball and this palm saver greatly reduced the shock and sting. She only feels a slight sting when she catches the line drives. Once she jammed the palm saver into her Nokona Alpha Select + Fastpitch Glove SV17 the product stays in place in the glove without any velcro or adhesives. We really like this product.

5 Star Review
Nokona Palm Saver ( Posted by Unknown on 18th Mar 2016)

I have been wanting to try this for a while now and I'm definitely glad I finally made the purchase.

I have been using a small foam pad with velcro from the sporting goods store, which has worked well, but I have to keep it in my pocket each time I remove my glove. The NPS is above and beyond what I expected. It stays in my glove so there's no separate piece of equipment to keep track of, which I wasn't expecting, and it provides better padding and more coverage of my hand. The length of the NPS is great as well because I was able to jam it into the fingers of my glove to hold it in place. I like the elastic straps, they provide a snug fit so it doesn't affect catching the ball.

I would purchase this again. Completely satisfied! Thank you!

4 Star Review
Almost perfect ( Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2015)

The palm saver is a well-designed and well-crafted piece of equipment. My only complaint is that the elastic finger straps are a tad small for people with big hands. The top straps are adequate, but the lower ones are the ones that are too tight. It's not a big deal though because I've found that using just the 2 upper straps work well enough.

If I ever needed to buy a replacement, I would definitely buy it again.

5 Star Review
Saved me money ( Posted by Michael Acey on 10th Feb 2015)

Purchased a Nokona glove in 1976 and have been using it since
needed to add some padding and the plam and finger glove saved the day! Sorry guys your gloves are so well made ; now with the added padding I can use it another 38 years! Would loved to have been able to purchased a new glove but now I am living on a fixed income the palm pad saved me!

Coaching youth baseball now for 31 years and I have used the glove every season spring, summer and fall! Love love my Nokona~ Using in now for winter ball (indoors).

5 Star Review
Nokona Palm Saver ( Posted by Unknown on 29th Dec 2014)

This is an excellent product that feels as if it is part of the glove instead of some bulky, extra piece of something...I love it!