X2 Elite Series™ PL-1150MIT


X2 Elite Series™ PL-1150MIT


Special - "Made In Texas" 11.50"

  • Limited Edition - "Made In Texas"
  • 11.50" Pattern
  • Modified Trap
  • Red Lacing
  • Open Back
  • Leather: Stampede + Sandstone

Above Average Break-In

A true baseball leather for true baseball players. By combining Stampede Leather with rigid Sandstone Leather, we have given this series the best of everything. The Sandstone Leather provides the shape and rigidity baseball players demand. For players looking for a sturdy glove that is form-fitting and moldable.




5 Star Review
What a Beauty! ( Posted by Jan M Maly on 26th Oct 2018)

I bought the PL 1150 for four reasons; made in Texas, Limited Edition, play catch with my wife and catch foul balls at the Astros games. My 'playing days' have long passed. I think this is probably the best looking glove Nokona offers or I've ever owned. It's gonna take me some time to break it in, but just in a few days I can already tell it will be a great fit and it's made with excellent leather. I'm glad I purchased it! Buy one!

5 Star Review
Made in Texas ( Posted by Rod Miller on 5th Jun 2018)

Always wanted another American made glove besides the Rawlings and previous Nokona I had.
I just went to their website, and glad I made the purchase of ( I think), the best looking glove they offer. Modified trap is excellent.

5 Star Review
Awesome Glove! ( Posted by Cal on 30th May 2018)

I purchased the PL1150 Made in Texas Edition. Best glove I have ever owned. Quality in every aspect of the glove. So nice, I decided to make a trip to the Nokona Factory to see how it was made. This glove and every Nokona glove is made with great attention to detail and quality. Every time someone sees my glove they want to try it on! There's no glove like a Nokona!
Thank you Nokona!

5 Star Review
great glove ( Posted by Unknown on 2nd Oct 2017)

had name engraved and took about a week to be at my door. came really fast. great glove great leather feels better on your hand compared to any Rawlings or Wilsons. looks amazing plays perfectly on the field.

5 Star Review
Kicks my Rawlings Butt! ( Posted by Craig Johnson on 28th Oct 2013)

I own the PL-1150 and it is hands down the best glove I have ever owned! It did take a bit of effort to break it in, but it molded perfectly to my hand and is the first glove I was able to form to my hand without a batting glove. I also own the Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.25" Pro-I glove, and even after 5 years, it still feels stiff and needs work. One year with my Nokona and I am a HAPPY MAN!