X2 Elite Series™ W-1300


X2 Elite Series™ W-1300


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  • 13.00" Pattern
  • Closed Web
  • Open Back
  • Leather: Walnut Crunch™
  • Weight: ~750g

Nokona has built its reputation on these classic leathers. Inspired by Nokona’s history of handcrafting ball gloves in America for over 80 years, the proprietary Walnut Crunch™ leather in the Walnut™ series is a signature Nokona – this glove provides great stability, flexibility, and durability. The Classics have been updated with a new look that highlights the gloves’ modern features, while paying tribute to Nokona’s long-standing baseball heritage.




5 Star Review
Best Glove ( Posted by David Reimer on 31st Aug 2019)

Its a fine glove and I use it to catch baseballs. It's really good at catching Baseballs. I like to catch Baseballs

5 Star Review
Classic Styling and Performance ( Posted by Joseph Buonanno on 31st Jul 2017)

Although I love my relatively new Nokona X2-1200, I longed for a glove like the Walnut mitt with which I grew up but which fell apart soon after my own son started Little League several years ago. So, when the MLB rules changed to allow 13" gloves, buying the Nokona W-1300 was a no-brainer, even though my favorite player famously said, "baseball is 90% mental" and "the other half is physical." My new glove is beautifully made, is breaking in easily and is giving this older man the confidence to do some of things that his younger body used to do. I give Nokona a standing ovation. Its products are the best.

4 Star Review
One addition ( Posted by Emile on 2nd Apr 2015)

Amazing mitt. Great fit/finish. Nice deep pocket. Only critique is should have back strap instead of a 2 position strap. As the mitt expands over time this strap (even in the tighter position) will become loose
I'd make it a 4.5 stars but not given that option. Still an amazing product down to smallest detail.

5 Star Review
Outstanding ( Posted by Peter Doroschin on 28th Mar 2015)

I am so happy its made in the USA, excellent craftsmanship. And that's why I got a second glove from Nokona.