X2 Elite Series™ X2-1175


X2 Elite Series™ X2-1175


X2 Elite H Web

Third Base, Second Base, and Shortstop
  • 11.75" Pattern
  • H Web
  • Open Back
  • Leather: Stampede™ + Kangaroo
  • Shearling Cuff
  • Hand: Regular & Full-Right
  • Weight: ~610g

Minimal Break-In

Nokona’s elite performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series. The X2 Elite™ is made with Nokona’s proprietary top-grain Stampede™ Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers, so that minimal break-in is needed, but the glove has great structure and maintains its shape. A perfect combination of top quality and high performance.




5 Star Review
Glove is Awesome! ( Posted by Griz on 30th Jan 2018)

The glove came in game ready, put it in the steamer for 15 min really helped it even more. This glove is the best!

5 Star Review
Without Any Doubts a Great Glove ( Posted by Shawn on 2nd Mar 2017)

I purchased actually two gloves and the X2-1175 is by far the better glove from Nokona.
This is a professional model and is for serious players.
No one will be disappointed with this glove.

Great craftsmanship and quality.

Look no further and purchase this glove today

5 Star Review
5 Star looks ( Posted by Phoneix on 23rd Oct 2013)

Just based on the looks and description, I can't wait to try the X2. I have several other Nokona's that I treasure. I like the 1175 pattern the best.