X2 Elite Series™ X2-1200


X2 Elite Series™ X2-1200


X2 Elite Baseball Closed Web

  • 12.00" Pattern
  • Closed Web
  • Open Back
  • Leather: Stampede™ + Kangaroo
  • Shearling Cuff
  • Hand: Regular & Full-Right
  • Weight: ~640g

Minimal Break-In

Nokona’s elite performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series. The X2 Elite™ is made with Nokona’s proprietary top-grain Stampede™ Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers, so that minimal break-in is needed, but the glove has great structure and maintains its shape. A perfect combination of top quality and high performance.




5 Star Review
Best glove I have ever purchased ( Posted by Dan on 27th Apr 2018)

This is my 1st Nokona purchase--historically have owned Wilson and Rawlings gloves. The higher end models from these manufacturers look impressive but are often extremely rigid and require extensive breaking in over time. This Nokona still requires some limited breaking in but can be used almost immediately. The quality of the leather is outstanding, and the quality of construction s superior to any other glove that I have owned.

I opted for the kangaroo and steer hide combination and am very happy with it. That said, I am curious how the Japanese calf skin and Bison would compare from a feel standpoint.

Definitely plan to purchase exclusively from Nokona in the future.