X2 Elite Series™ X2-200POP [Red, White, & Blue]


X2 Elite Series™ X2-200POP [Red, White, & Blue]


X2-200POP [Red, White, and Blue]


  • 11.25" ± Pattern
  • Age: 8-15
  • Modified Trap
  • Open Back
  • Leather: Stampede™ + Kangaroo
  • Hand: Regular
  • Weight: ~450g

Factory Ready

NEW Limited Offering

Nokona’s elite performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series. The X2 Elite™ is made with Nokona’s proprietary top-grain Stampede™ Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers, so that minimal break-in is needed, but the glove has great structure and maintains its shape. A perfect combination of top quality and high performance.




5 Star Review
Good to go! ( Posted by Dallas Williams on 6th May 2016)

My son has had his mit for a couple of weeks now, and is loving it. I read every review under the sun before choosing to buy the Nokona. For the most part, the glove was game ready. We've worked it over with conditioner and a lot of playing catch. My son used it in a game last night, everything is Good to Go!

5 Star Review
It's just a glove, right? ( Posted by Ryan Brady on 31st Mar 2016)

I have purchased 4 gloves for my 8 (almost 9) year old over the years. The last one before the Nokona felt like a great glove when I bought it. It was soft, easy to break in, and had good qualities. The problem was after 1 year of playing with it, the glove become to soft. A hard hit ball not caught right in the pocket would twist the glove. You can actually fold it any way or which ever direction you would like. That is what led me to Nokona. My son is not a superstar, we play league ball and a little travel but I needed a glove that he could grow with and continue playing with for years to come. I ordered an S-100 and it was to small. I was afraid of that when I ordered it but I didn't want him to be that kid that has way to big of a glove. Luckily I sold it to a friend and got him the X2-200 POP. I have no doubt this glove will last him for years to come. So, if you're sick of buying a glove each season or even every other season, look no further than Nokona. It will be the quality you are looking for! Thank you Nokona. MADE IN THE USA

5 Star Review
Quality glove ( Posted by Charles Templeton on 11th Mar 2016)

I bought this glove for my grandson and he was thrilled. The quality of the leather and craftsmanship is great. I'm sure he'll have many years of pleasure with this glove..Im already planning my next purchase of a bloodline catchers mit for hom

5 Star Review
Not a better youth glove out there ( Posted by Chris Ketchen on 19th Aug 2015)

Not only does Nokona make the best youth gloves on the market, but it is amazing that the gloves can be game ready within a few weeks. The x2-200 is a great youth elite player glove, and the light weight and soft leather vs other top quality brands give it a big leg up. My son couldn't be happier going from the s-100 to the x2-200, and couldn't imagine playing with anything but a Nokona glove. Keep up the great work!